We would love to provide our tasty treats for your upcoming:

           Community Event

    County Fair

    Corporate Event


    Private Celebration - wedding,             graduation parties, etc.

    Bulk order gift bags or tins

  Kettle corn and cotton candy are available

                     PRE-BAGGED  (call for pricing)      


                    MADE ON-SITE


        Treat your guests with the opportunity to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of our delicious kettle corn being popped at your event!

            There is nothing like watching Ben or Mark race against the clock - constantly stirring the giant paddle in the huge kettle as the premium corn pops, and adding in the sugar and salt at just the right time to produce the most giant fluffy kernels!  Customers can't wait to get their own fresh bag! We have had many rave reviews!


                       Our treats are a great way

                to help make your event

                   fun and memorable!

                     Give us a call today!